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Virginia Lo|盧文謙


Born in HK.

I began my art training in traditional Chinese painting with the landscape master Mr. Leung Ba Yue, Mr. Lo Tsui Shan and Mr. Law Koon Chiu for many years before I extend my interest in western Art.

Under the fusing factor of both eastern and western culture, in year 2000- 2002, I established an interpretation of culture painting through a series of ‘JUXTAPOSE’ painting. I was trying to employ differences of skills and aesthetic theories from both Chinese and western cultures as my experiment of juxtaposition. Most of the paintings in this series are created with mixed media and oil painting medium.  I was undergoing a creative block for almost 15 years after this ‘east meets west’ approach. I kept trying on varies topic and testing oil painting skill; from female body (A Sweet association), personal emotion (Pursuing Happiness) and (Childhood Memory) to colour and mood exploration (Congratulations series).


‘A Place is telling its Story’ (Erebus) is my latest oil painting series (2016 - 2017). It is a collaboration of my last 10 years palette study, painting skill and the last research topic (Dystopia).



For me, painting is a stream of consciousness rather than a calculated series. Every blank canvas is a new adventure for me.


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